TDM program for parents

As a parent or caregiver for young children, we need to spend time learning how young children grow up and how to care for them. Being older does not automatically make one a suitable caregiver. Additionally, the method of parenting varies according to time, space and regional culture. When adults understand the caring methods of early childhood growth, they can more effectively support their child’s development.

As a simple explanation and introduction of the Montessori Education philosophy and practice Dr. Bruce Lou, in cooperation with the Macau TDM program ‘Life focus’, in 2015, launched eight episodes to explain the Montessori Education theories. He shared the principles and philosophy of Montessori education and the needs of a child's growth in a way that allowed the audience to have a basic understanding of the basic needs of children's growth. Parents, caregivers or early childhood educators who want to discuss the different aspects of children’s growth in a complete and systematic way can enroll in the course –MMA Early childhood development and Montessori pedagogy workshop.