MMA 0-6 Chinese Language Teaching Certificate

Release date:2019-05-16 12:04
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0-6 years is an important moment for a child's language development. We need to help children absorb language in their environment in an effective way. In the transition from listening, speaking, writing and reading, children have quality listening and speaking activities, which help children face the challenges of writing and reading. Turning text symbols into interesting activities to meet the needs of children's movements and sensory activities, and to grasp the structure and meaning of Chinese characters. The lecturer will present the language activities for children in the Montessori environment to learners. In the production of teaching materials and language teaching manuals, these activities support the language development of children aged 0-6.

Course Outline

I. Introduction to Montessori language development

II. 0-3 years language activities

1. Children's song collection、2. Objects naming、3. Classified cards、4. Objects and corresponding cards、5. Sensory bags

III. 3-6 years language activities

1. Interesting Chinese characters、2. Chinese sand board、3. Word practice、4. Chinese strokes’ order、5. Radical exercises 、6. Chinese characters’ structure、7. Chinese mobile word boxes、8. Part of speech practice、9. Word meaning practice、10. Writing practice、 11. Evolution of the language

IV. Picture book

1. The reading method of the picture book、2. The teaching plan of the picture book


20% of attendance; 40% of manuals and learning materials;;40% of practice exercises and assessments;