Montessori Primary Program (2.5-7 years)

Release date:2019-05-13 13:17
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Emile Montessori classroom

In Emile’s 3-7 classroom, you will see a busy, focused and harmonious picture. There are a few children who are doing bank game, and they understand the addition of four digits number in concrete materials. In the other corner, there is a child doing flower arrangement, and then he carefully takes the vase to his friend's desk. One directress leads a story group, the children listen attentively. Several other children play a game of geometric cabinets and cards. One of them takes out a polygon, and carefully counts the number of sides and then happily goes to get the corresponding shape to match. The directress observes the children's work. She presents them another new piece of work or helps them when it is appropriate and needed.

The classroom is in order, they seem to have forgotten how long they have been working, and they finish the work one by one. They also have snacks by themselves or with friends. The snacks may be prepared by other children, or they prepare by themselves. They share snacks together and work hard according to their own interests and development needs.


Children’s Tasks

In the previous stage, the child gained the ability to take care of himself. From the activities, he has prepared a sense of logical order, concentration and good hand-eye coordination. 

Children between the ages of three and six have already developed their abilities to further enhance and expand their intellectual development. Dr. Montessori had prepared two principles which are "materialized abstractions " and "control of error" in the materials for children aged three to six. The series of learning materials support the most basic needs of life development. The Montessori environment brings the world to the children. They can achieve self-education through interaction with materials and complete the harmonious development of physical and intellectual.

  • Practical life activities- develop children's self-care and learning ability - order, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and independence;

  • Sensorial- the materials promote the child's five senses (visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and gustatory), enhances the child's ability to discriminate different areas of learning, and establishes basic mathematical concepts;

  • Language- we provide children with a natural and rich Chinese and English bilingual learning environment, the system of language establishment, allowing children to use the language spontaneously, so as to enter the level of writing and reading, improve the ability to analyze language and text;

  • Mathematics- the materials and activities develop children's mathematics mentality, lead 4 years old children to understand the mathematics work from concrete materials to abstract four digits operations. Children like learning mathematics spontaneously and lay a good foundation for future study;

  • Culture- we bring the world to the classroom and open children's world vision, let children know about the animals, plants, geography, history, music, art in the living environment.



We welcome the parents of children who are 2.5 years old or above to visit our environment. Please call 28716513 for more details.